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Beurer HK 25 heat padCompact heat padThe heat pad with 3 temperature settings and removable switch keeps you nice and warm.3 temperature settingsBeurer safety system (BSS)Automatic switch-off after approx. 90 min.Accurate electronic temperature regulationIlluminated temperature settingsRemovable swi..
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Simple to useIt offers immediate and localized treatmentRelieves pain naturallyMade from natural rubber latexAnatomically designed with fine and dense streaksIt adapts to any part of the bodyFleece liningSpecial-type Teflon safety valve, ensuring total leakage without any leakage2.2Lt capacity2 year..
6.20€ 9.71€
Ex Tax:5.00€
Real Care Plastic Water Heater with Fleece 2.0lt
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Simple to useIt offers immediate and localized treatmentRelieves pain naturallyIt adapts to any part of the bodyFleece liningCapacity 2.0 LtContent 1 piece..
4.81€ 6.03€
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Nexcare old ColdHot fort Comfort Heater / Ice Cooler, 260 mm x 110 mm The Nexcare old Coldhot ™ Comfort Therapy / Cryotherapy Compressor helps relieve pain naturally and without taking medication. Apply cold or warm as needed. Cold helps reduce edema and inflammation and warm helps reduce musc..
9.80€ 12.31€
Ex Tax:7.90€
Large Reusable Thermotherapy / Cryotherapy Compressor for Natural Pain Relief Non-toxic jelly, safe for the whole family Cold for edema, inflammation and pain, hot for muscle aches and stiffness Ideal for treating pain in large areas of the body, such as the back, abdomen or thigh Packing: 1..
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Beurer Electric Heater HK Comfort 44x33cm, 1pcs
-15 % SOLD OUT
Beurer HK Electric Heater It has 3 temperature ranges. An internal thermostat protects against overheating. Pleasant to feel cotton lining is practical because it is washable in the washer (up to 30ºC). BSS Overheating protection 3 temperature settings 100 watt Automatic closing after ..
25.50€ 30.00€
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Matsuda 2.2lt. The water heater has a capacity of 2.2lt, available in red and has a large nozzle Made of thermoplastic material, without Parabens and without bisphenol A (BPA) It is environmentally friendly and odorless The water heater is made of natural rubber, in accordance with British..
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Pic Solution ThermoGel Reusable Cushion for Hot/Cold Therapy 20x30cm, 1pc
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Pic Solution ThermoGel Reusable Cushion for Hot/Cold Therapy 20x30cmWith comfort coverAdjustable elastic bandThermogel enables the natural healing power of heat and cold to be used in a safe, practical way. Its new gel formula provides greater comformability even just out of the freezer (NEW GEL, NO..
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