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Nexcare old ColdHot fort Comfort Heater / Ice Cooler, 260 mm x 110 mm The Nexcare old Coldhot ™ Comfort Therapy / Cryotherapy Compressor helps relieve pain naturally and without taking medication. Apply cold or warm as needed. Cold helps reduce edema and inflammation and warm helps reduce musc..
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Large Reusable Thermotherapy / Cryotherapy Compressor for Natural Pain Relief Non-toxic jelly, safe for the whole family Cold for edema, inflammation and pain, hot for muscle aches and stiffness Ideal for treating pain in large areas of the body, such as the back, abdomen or thigh Packing: 1..
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Ideal for large surfaces such as hands & amp; feet. An innovative product that relieves muscle and joint pain based on the beneficial properties of Cryotherapy known as the "Cold method". & nbsp; Relieves: < ul> Myalgia Joint Pains Waist, Back, Shoulder, Neck, Knee, Hip, Elbow Pain & amp;..
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Cold gel that provides a powerful analgesic effect with its immediate refreshing sensation. Rejuvenates and stimulates tired and heavy feet. Necessary after intense exercise or particularly tiring work. Relieves and protects against arthralgia, myalgia Especially effective in the treatment o..
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Lander Polar Ice Gel Analgesic Pain Gel 227g
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Lander Polar Ice Gel Analgesic Pain GelActionThe external application of the product creates a "cooling" in the area, which lasts a few minutes. Due to this fact, the mechanism of balancing the body temperature is activated by vasodilation of the deep vessels, resulting in an increase in blood circu..
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Local analgesic gel with herbal extracts. Immediately relieves bumps, swelling, sprains & amp; ice power sucking Where applicable, it offers accelerated cooling that stops the pain for 3 to 4 hours. Ideal for acute and immediate pain, bumps, injuries, bruises, edema. Instantly absorbed & amp; ..
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PIC Solution Ice SprayWHAT IS IT?An ice spray you can use to treat injuries, large or small.WHAT DOES IT DO FOR YOU?It helps you to reduce pain from various conditions: bruising, muscular strains, sprains, twisting, dislocation, fractures or tendinitis. The spray delays the appearance of bruising an..
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Natural Analgesic Cryotherapy Gel Contains arnica, ilex, covafresh, menthol, camphor, with cooling anti-inflammatory properties acts in depth. The feeling of coolness causes analgesia and increased blood circulation locally. Immediately relieves muscle aches. Applies to waist, neck and extremitie..
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