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Euromed Eblagel Cold Blaster 2pcs
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Cold stickers in gel form. They help to relieve pain quickly, through the constant release of the ingredients and while having a strong analgesic effect and with an immediate refreshing sensation, provide relief for about 6 hours. It is beneficial to use it for the first 36-48 hours of cold patches ..
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Euromed Eblagel Hot Blaster 2pcs
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Adhesive hot patches, which provide in-depth therapeutic heating. They contribute to the rapid relief of pain by enhancing blood circulation, with immediate transdermal absorption of their active ingredients. about hours.Used in cases:backachecervical syndromechillsrheumatic painmuscle painsprains -..
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Pharmasept Aid Pain Relief Patch 5pcs
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Pharmasept Aid Pain Relief PatchAnalgesic single-use patch for immediate pain relief, with slow-release technology. Enriched with herbal extracts. Provides 24 hours action where applied, with no heating or cooling action.Ideal for relief from muscle and joint pains, contractures, rheumatic pain..
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Vivax Pharmaceuticals Arnica Patches for Joint, Muscular and Menstrual Pains (9x14cm) Applies easily and firmly, allowing normal skin sweating and without blocking movement. Without fragrance, it is discreetly worn under clothes. It does not stain and is easily removed without leaving residues. T..
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