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In Eifron focus on finding ways to cover major medical needs that remain unmet. We do this by offering products and services to patients in therapeutic areas we know best.

Eifron Ripaderm Rectal gel for Rectal Route Regeneration 30g
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Eifron Ripaderm Rectal gel for Rectal Route RegenerationThe rectal gel Ripaderm is a medical device that helps in the process of restoring the rectal route. It offers a strong protective action that promotes the regeneration of tissues and damaged mucosa.Indications:Internal and external hemorrhages..
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The Frondis Solus V2 sterile sugar needles have: Excellent texture Curved head for minimal pain Design that fits almost all blood pens Content 50 pieces..
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Frondis Solus V2 Test Strips The technological advantages of the SOLUS V2 meter include advanced film technology. 5 elements were evaluated during the development of the SOLUS V2 test strip: technological achievements, control capabilities, film size and ease of use. Technological Achievements..
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