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Gillette Fusion Proshield Shaver With Flexball Technology The Gillette Fusion ProShield Shaver protects your skin as you shave. ProShield lubricants before and after blades create a protective layer that protects against irritation. Also, thanks to the FlexBall technology it adapts to the curv..
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Thinner blades * have low resistance coating for fewer pulls. ** For quality you can feel it. Product Features: Blade Stabilizer which maintains maximum blade spacing for greater comfort. The shaving head includes a reinforced blade, with comb guard technology, for safe use and easy cleaning. ..
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Fusion ProGlide Power Shaver Revolutionary blade technology The new Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide ™ Power shaver has been redesigned to offer Gillette's most comfortable shave. It has thinner blades *, with Gillette's most advanced coating reducing resistance. For fewer pulls than Fusion and effort..
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Enjoy Gillette's unparalleled shaving technology with the Gillette Fusion Proshield shaver, the first Gillette shaver to shave while shaving. Gillette Fusion ProShield replacement blades are the first to feature lubricants. before and after the blades, to maintain the natural moisture of the skin ..
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Replacement, very thin blades. Key features With lubricating tape for easier shaving. Microfin Skin Protector Advanced moving head. Blades mounted separately in a rubber frame. Exceptional replacement head geometry. They can be used with all Mach3 shavers. Content 4 pieces..
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Shaver that includes a gel tape to slide and help against redness , whilst gradually whitening to indicate that shaving performance is no longer optimal. The responsive design keeps the blades close to your skin and the moving head adapts to the curves of the face for a comfortable and easier s..
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Specially formulated for sensitive skin, the Gillette Series Sensitive Shaving Foam contains aloe vera composition and provides 3X protection to your shave. skin, as lubricants allow the blades to slip more easily. The result is a clean shave and protection of the skin. 3X Protection. Rich foam..
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Gillette Set SkinGuard SensitiveThe set includes:Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Shaver with 2 replacement headsGillette SkinGuard Sensitive replacement heads 4 PiecesJBL HeadphonesSkinGuard Sensitive is the first Gillette shaver specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and pimples after ..
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Gillette Venus & Olay Shaver with Olay moisturizing bars, with 5 blades for deep shaving, 1pcs
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Gillette Venus & Olay New Look. Same Venus. Try the new Gillette Venus & Olay Shaver to help hydrate your skin with less dryness. * Olay moisture bars release emollient skin to help boost your shaving * while 5 Venus blades shave deeper. When it comes to shaving, all women want smoot..
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Mini female shaver for "on the go" use! Practical for easy carrying (even fits in your bag). Key features With five curved curved blades that hug the hardest parts of the foot. With a mini handle for convenient grip and storage. Packaged in a compact case for use anytime and anywhere. With ..
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The most advanced Venus blades for perfect shaving and adjustment to any curve. Formulated with MicroFine comb , which directs the hair between the blades that cut almost every hair. With lubricant on the blades, activated as soon as you wet the shaver. Moisturizes the skin and helps for deeper ..
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Gillette Venus swirl It embraces the curves and difficult points for a flawless shade The Gillette Venus Swirl is the first women's shaving machine with FlexiBall. Thanks to Flexiball technology, the shaver can and does embrace * body contours and difficult areas - such as cords and limbs - as i..
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