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Boderm Acnaid Gel - Helps Reduce the Symptoms of Acne 30gr
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Acnaid Gel (30gr) / For acne prone skinBoderm's Acnaid Gel Gel helps reduce the symptoms of acne.ActionsIt reduces the size and number of existing pimples and prevents new ones.It reduces the redness that occurs on acneic skin.Main ingredients & benefitsHydrogen Peroxide & Salicylic Acid: He..
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Boderm Prototype Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Cream 50ml
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Prototype Intensive Anti Wrinkle Anti Age Cream - Anti-aging & FirmingBoderm's Prototype Intensive Anti Wrinkle Anti Age Cream is anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, firming and anti-aging.Main ingredients & benefitsHyaluronic Acid (Low Molecular Weight - LMW): penetrates deeply, hydrates, improves ..
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Frezyderm Volpaderm AHA Cream 50ml
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Volpaderm AHA Cream Moisturizing Face Cream 50mlMAIN FEATURES & BENEFITS OF FREZYDERMAn innovative face cream with a unique combination of exfoliation and moisturizing that dramatically rejuvenates the skin.Fruit acids and a rich combination of moisturizing and emollients, remove dead cells from..
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Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action Cream SPF 30 40ml
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Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action Cream 30 SPFNormal to dry skinThis gentle cream works against the signs of aging and the daily external attacks that burden the skin: Blue Light, UV radiation, pollution, stress, fatigue ...Uriage Anti-Aging Innovation: BLB * Patent, in combination with exclusive..
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Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action Fluid 40ml
-21 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action FluidNormal to Mixed SkinThis delicate skin-protecting fluid acts on signs of aging and daily external attacks that burden the skin. Blue light, UV radiation, pollution, stress, fatigue.Uriage Anti-Aging Innovation: BLB * Patent, in combination with exclusively active..
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Version Vita-K Eye Cream 30ml
-20 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Version Vita-K Eye Cream 30mlLightweight eye cream, specially designed for the area around the eyes, where the skin is particularly delicate and sensitive.The synergy of antioxidants of plant origin and plant extracts nourishes, tightens and retains moisture while softening bags and combating dark c..
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INGREDIENTS Vitamin A Provitamin B5 ACTION The optimal combination of AKMAZEIN active ingredients promotes skin regeneration, moisturizes, has a significant calming effect and relieves itching. INDICATIONS Dry and suffering skin Damaged skin Irritation Itching High compatibil..
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Alkaderma Acnecare - External use natural cream designed to treat mild, moderate and severe acne. Natural cream is based on a groundbreaking combination of active ingredients from nature lab Properly harmonized to give acne skin the care it needs. Its composition of Sytenol A, salicylic acid an..
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Bepanthol Antiwrinkle Face Cream - & nbsp; Anti-Wrinkle Face, Eyes & Neck Cream Significantly reduces overall wrinkles and improves firmness skin. At the same time, it hydrates, nourishes and glides on the skin. Juvenessence Fatty Extract - affects the action of those proteins associated ..
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Hydration & amp; Regeneration - with improved composition for extra protection Skin health. Beauty on the face! New Bepanthol® Facial Cream offers clinically proven hydration and helps regenerate facial skin thanks to its 5% Provitamin B5 composition, while offering extra protection through..
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Bio-Oil is a special skin care oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin complexion. It is also effective in nourishing mature and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil has won 349 skin care awards and has become the No. 1 selling scar and stretch product in 24 countries since..
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Soothing and hydrating cream that soothes discomfort and acts at every step of skin repair BIOLOGICAL ACTION Cicabio Crème helps repair of irritated skin by acting at every stage of the biological process of skin reconstruction. & nbsp; Synergy of resveratrol, copper and centella asiatica con..
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