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ALGOFLOGEN for burns is a moisturizing cream for the treatment of nasty symptoms (dehydration, redness, itching, skin irritation), from sun, heat and chemical burns. Suitable in cases of skin sensitivity to the use of perfumes, detergents and chemicals. Active ingredients: CALCIUM: with propert..
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Korres After Sun Aloe Vera Moisturizing Body Emulsion 150ml
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Moisturizing Body Lotion Organic Aloe Extract, rich in vitamins C, E, Zinc and antioxidant enzymes, strengthens the immune system of the skin and slows down the signs of aging. Main ingredients: Organic Aloe vera extract, rich in vitamins C, E, Zinc and antioxidant enzymes, strengthens the i..
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Korres After Sun Pure Greek Olive Moisturizing Body Milk 150ml
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Pure Greek Olive - After Sun - Body Moisturizing Emulsion Ideal After Sun Exposure Moisturizing body emulsion, ideal after sun exposure. Non-greasy body emulsion to relieve the burning sensation after sun exposure. With extra virgin olive oil, Olive and cucumber leaf extracts and Karité butter, ..
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Panthenol-Lyofin cream contains D-panthenol and Urea. This specialized composition achieves the best hydration and speeds up skin regeneration. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin, Provides fast relief and is suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types. Content 100ml..
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Messinian Spa After Burn Cooling Gel Mint Aloe 300ml
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After Burn Cooling Gel: 96% natural productParabens freeDermatologically testedNot tested on animalsAfter Burn Cooling Gel Messinian Spa is ideal for dehydrated and exposed to the sun skins. It contains soothing and moisturizing agents such as organic aloe, chamomile extract and glycerine. Panthenol..
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RealCare Panthenol Cream 150ml (100ml + 50ml Free)
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Cream suitable for all skin types Without Parabens Contains Panthenol 5%, Urea 2%, Chamomile and Allantoin, ingredients that enhance regeneration and hydrate dryness , irritated and sensitive skin such as: sunburn, simple burns, suffering hands, dry skin, irritation after contact with so..
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Uni-Pharma Uniburn After Sun 2 in 1 Gel & Yogurt 50gr
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UNIBURNPromotes healing & soothes sun burns2 in 1 Gel & Yogurt – Face & BodyUNIBURN After Sun is a soothing gel for application after prolonged sun exposure. Ιts patented formula of natural yogurt and an innovative gel  is ideal for care of damaged skin after prolonged sun exposure...
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