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Apivita Natural Soap Jasmine 125g
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Apivita Natural Soap JasmineCleanses gentlyMaintains the skin’s natural moistureLeaves skin softA modern, smooth and transparent soap that cleanses while maintaining the skin's natural hydration and that offers a sense of well-being and relaxation thanks to its unique scent.Soap mass base of glyceri..
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Apivita Natural Soap Natural Chamomile Soap, 125gr
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98% Natural Composition Gentle Cleanser - Soothing - Softening and Moisturizing Its first-selling soap APIVITA with soothing action that gently cleanses sensitive skin or face, providing softness and hydration. Organic soap mass from palm oil and coconut oil ensures rich foaming and environ..
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Handmade Olive Oil Soap 100gr
Gentle soap based on olive oil suitable for the face and body. Highly herbal, our handmade soap is made from virgin olive oil and its uses can provide moisturized skin, shiny hair and less allergies. < li> thoroughly cleanses the skin without drying out the skin - it does not leave the skin an..
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Korres Chamomile Soap For Sensitive Skin 125gr
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Glycerin based herbal soap suitable for face and body. Chamomile Extract, thanks to its soothing and emollient properties, reduces irritations while Organic Almond Oil hydrates and nourishes the skin. vegetable origin. Dermatologically Checked. Suitable for vegetarians / vegans. Packag..
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Korres Olive Traditional Green Soap with Cedar Fragrance 125gr
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KEDROS - Green Soap Pure, traditional green soap with extra virgin olive oil. With a mysterious, woody aroma, with a special character. Organic extra virgin olive oil from Cretan olive groves. Dermatologically Checked Content 125g..
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Korres Olive Traditional Green Soap with Olive Flowers 125gr
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OLIVE FLOWERS - Green Soap & nbsp; Pure, traditional green soap with extra virgin olive oil. A discreet, gentle aroma that is pure. Organic extra virgin olive oil from the olive groves of Crete. Dermatologically Checked Packaging 125g..
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Mastihashop Chios Traditional Greek Olive Oil Soap with Chios MastihaBased on the valuable effects of olive oil, it cares, soothes and moisturizes the skin. It can be used for hair care also. Use: wet soap and hands and massage gently with the creamy foam rising thoroughly.Contains: Sodium Olivate, ..
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