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Apivita Body Scrub Cream with Rose & Black Pepper 150ml
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91% Natural Composition Peeling - Rejuvenation - Increasing Microcirculation Cream that effectively removes dead cells and deeply exfoliates the skin, preparing it to receive the following treatment. Sea salts, natural cellulose granules, lupus and poppy granules exfoliate and help increase..
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97% Natural Composition Peeling - Grinding & Softening - Rejuvenating Sensation Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salts and Greek sea salt from Mesolongi gently removes dead cells, creating a sense of rejuvenation. Greek sea salt from Messolonghi and Dead Sea salts gently and most naturally remov..
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Its composition includes caffeine and seaweed that are rich in trace elements and have a detoxifying effect. Palm tree oil increases elasticity, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. It is worth noting that the natural content of soap reaches 98%, while it does not contain controversial synthetic subs..
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Face and body scrub cream with PDO extra virgin Kalamata olive oil, olives, prickly pear and bitumen. Removes unnecessary dead surface cells and deeply cleanses for natural peeling. Contains mountain tea, chamomile, aloe, balsam, with moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Cont..
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